The payment method is the first thing that an online casino player should check before signing up for a platform. It is important that the gaming site you choose is able to handle all of your fund transactions smoothly and transparently. Also, you should be able to easily make a deposit and withdrawal without any hassle or slowness.

Payment alternatives are therefore of great importance when choosing an online gambling casino. You should know that not all gaming platforms have the same payment methods. Therefore, these vary from one site to another. Just stay focused on choosing reliable and secure options, which you can easily use from home.

Choosing a good online payment method: criteria to consider

All online gaming platforms offer a variety of payment methods to players. Some are better known than others. In order for you to make an objective and advantageous choice, we have made a careful and precise list that takes into account several criteria so that the level of security of transactions is always 100% guaranteed.

The following are the criteria to be taken into account before validating a payment method.


Many people are probably unaware of this, but convenience is an essential criterion for the choice of an online payment method. It is therefore understandable why many credit and debit cards are not approved on online gaming sites. Only virtual wallets such as Paypal, Neteller, Moneybooks, or Interac e-transfer are attractive, as they provide two-way transactions. This means that the level of security for both deposits and withdrawals is high.


The player’s place of residence has a major impact on the choice of payment method accepted by the platform. For example, if the player lives in Canada, choosing a casino that accepts Interac is the best of all available options.

Similarly, Paypal does not facilitate the transfer of bets to Canadian players, as the virtual casino field is not yet regulated by their respective governments. The choice of an e-wallet or online casino with Interac remains the best of all alternatives, and the accepted payment method Neteller is the preferred option for most players.


Not everyone has the ability to provide their bank details to an online casino. The latter do not hesitate for a moment to opt for the choice of electronic wallets as a suitable payment method. They easily use them for all withdrawals and deposits.

Another alternative payment method accepted online is the electronic cheque. Here, the platform just sends a letter or email to the player, which he/she will have to fill in afterward to withdraw his/her winnings. This is an express and simple option.

Bank transfer is not to be outdone. Many online gaming sites approve direct transactions from the player’s bank account. Depending on the nature of the funds transfer, the processing time can be a few days or more. However, this type of payment method requires some verification of the transfer details.

Choosing an efficient online payment method

The success of today’s online payment platforms is partly due to their various payment methods. Every player can find a suitable payment method by choosing one that is accepted by the appropriate platform. Our casino presents some of them in several categories:

1. Credit cards


Mastercard owes its reputation to the quality offers it provides. It allows players to enjoy themselves online by having a reliable and secure payment method. Its level of security protects you even in case of fraud.


The Visa card is easy to use and convenient as an online payment method. To be able to play at all types of online casinos, the use of an unlimited international visa card by your banking institution is important.

American Express

This credit card is a guarantee of quality and luxury. It allows you to make fast, simple, and secure transfers. It is a good alternative for withdrawing and depositing funds on an online gaming platform.

2. E-wallets


Neteller is an electronic wallet that allows you to transfer money without the need for bank details. Its use facilitates the acquisition of a specific bonus at some online casinos. It is a seamless payment method.


This accepted online payment method is simple and convenient. It takes just 2 simple clicks to quickly complete an online financial transaction. It is a popular payment method for players and operators as it is reliable, fast, and secure.


Also known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a reliable e-wallet that allows you to deposit and withdraw money online. Its transactions are fast and transparent.

3. Bank transfers

This online payment solution allows you to transfer funds from one account to another. It is not always the preferred option for players, but it is very secure. You can choose the Interac transfer, as it is the best alternative in this category.