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Everyone knows the lotto or Super lotto. With a grid of 40 numbers and 10 lucky numbers, you have to choose 5 + a lucky number and wait wisely for the draw to hope to get your million.

The Joker+ option to win C$500,000 is also available, but why not play the lottery by giving yourself more chances to win with the famous MultiChances pack? Let’s decipher this way of “playing lotto in a group”.

The advantages of the MultiChances pack

Let’s start with the best, playing the lotto with a MultiChances pack is the same as playing in syndication, or as associated players by pooling several grids. When you have several grids, you automatically have more chances to win; this is the main advantage of choosing this game formula.

But on the other hand, you also have to pay for all the grids, which is why a shared system is set up. Indeed, in a MultiChance pack, there are always a certain number of shares. The more you want to give yourself a chance to win, the more shares you take in your pack.

The price of participation is reduced because it is shared between all the associated players. The pooling of participants is a good thing.

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The disadvantages of the MultiChance pack

There are not only advantages, as we have just seen, you also have to share the prizes won. With several game grids, you automatically have more chances and more prizes. Winning formulas with 3 or 4 numbers can come out several times.

So here too you have to “share the prizes won”. And this sharing is done in proportion to the number of shares acquired on the pack. You win statistically more often, but financially you win less.

And last but not least, you can’t play your favourite numbers, but that’s not a big deal.

How are the lotto numbers chosen in the MultiChance pack?

This is done with the Flash system. When playing the FDJ lotto in multiplayer mode, you can’t choose the numbers yourself or change them, chance takes care of that and sometimes it knows how to do things right.

Can I buy more than one share of the same pack?

Yes, you can buy a certain number of shares: 1, 2, 5, 10, but it is impossible to buy more shares in the same pack. Per player, the limit is fixed at 10 participations per MultiChances pack.

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Can I share the same pack with friends?

Unfortunately, playing as a group does not mean playing as friends on the same pack. No, it is not possible to play with friends by associating, the distribution is done randomly between the different players choosing a MultiChance pack.

Do I have better luck with the MultiChance pack or with the multiple grids?

It’s not the same thing at all, for the MultiChance pack formula only single grids are played. By choosing a multiple grids you have more chances on a single grid by ticking more numbers, but it is also much more expensive.

How many packs are available per draw?

It is unlimited, each time shares are bought on a MultiChance pack it participates in the lotto draw. The more packs sold, the lower our chances of winning, but it’s the same as any other lottery entry.

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