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Take a look at the future of alternative energy with the 4M Salt Water Power Robot. Put the mini robo-racer together using the collection of plastic body parts, axles, wheels, and motor. Then stir up a mixture of salt water using household table salt and water. Insert the included aluminum and carbon sheets, add a little bit of salt water with the pipette dropper, and ZOOM! You've just created a salt water powered engine! Feel and build the future with your own two hands with 4M Salt Water Power Robot.

Contents: 1x truck body, 4x wheels, 1x scoop, 1x axle with gear, 1x plain axle, 1x battery cartridge, 1x sachet of active carbon, 1x motor with wires and contacts, 1x dropper, 1x cup, 4x magnesium sheet, 4x fabric sheet, 2x copper sheet and detailed instructions.

Ages: 8+

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