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New! Now with night vision: play during the day or at night in the dark! Create a "laser" Maze: make a laser-like field with string-not real lasers! Set up using the long 37-ft. String and rubber-grip clamps Spy mission: pretend you're a secret Agent and crawl, step, jump and creep through your "laser" Maze to get to the end and defuse the bomb! Watch out! Don't bang the string-the sensor will detect the movement and make time count down faster! Multi-task mission: pick up gear cards along the way for an added challenge! Hurry before time runs out: get to the bomb and deactivate it to save the day! Nighttime missions: slip on the UV light goggles to make the string glow so you can play in the dark for added fun and challenge! Set it up differently each time for a new game each time you play!

For ages 7 and up

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