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AS FEATURED ON TABLETOP WITH WIL WHEATON! One player is made the storyteller for the turn. The player looks at 6 images in his hand, and from one these he makes up a sentence and says it aloud (without showing the cards). Other players select from their 6 images the one that best matches the sentence, and hands their choice to the storyteller. The storyteller shuffles the cards after recieving them and lays them out all face up. Each player bets on which picture waas the storyteller. If nobody or everybody bets on the right picture, the storyteller recieves a score of zero, and the players recieve 2. Otherwise, the storyteller and whoever bet on the correct card scores 3. Players score 1 point for every vote on their own picture. The game ends when the deck is empty, or if someone reaches 30 points. The great feature of this game is that it is easily modified to accommedate younger players! 3-6 Players, Ages 8+

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