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Dreams is a game of perception and intuition, in which players play as gods who transfers images onto the night sky as a new constellation of stars. In the course of a round 4 pictures are revealed. Which one of those 4 pictures to be transferred onto the night sky is determined in a way that all players but one know what picture it is. The identity of that player is also hidden, but must attempt to remain undetected from the other players during the course of the round. The round then goes into a placement phase, in which all players together must construct the picture onto the night sky, which is represented by a central mat. Players will construct the picture star by star and continue until all stars are placed. When constructing, players will emphasize different aspects of the picture in question. When the placement phase is complete, the gods then try to guess who the ignorant player is, and the ignorant player tries to guess what picture was chosen. A fun game that keeps all the gods guessing and the imposter in the dark, Dreams will surely put your perception and initiation skills to the test!


Dreams is recommended for 3-6 players, ages 10 and up.

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