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Are you ready for Shark Week? Our Fred and Friends Munchtime Shark Chopsticks are just chomping at the bit, and they're ready to make every mealtime bloody jawesome!

Well lurky here.. These chomping chopsticks feature ferocious biting action! So open wide and take a big bite out of your lunch with Munchtime! If you're up to your gills in trying to get your little dudes to finish their meails, are are looking for some-fin, any-fin to get your kid intersted in eating their food, these will provide jaw-dropping fun that will result in a feeding frenzy!

Each two-tone shark opens and closes its mouth as you squeeze the easy-to-use hinged chopsticks. Soon, your kids will be finding a way to use these at every meal, morning, noon, and night! But as long as the finish what's on their plate, who cares how it gets there! A fintastic out-of-the-blue gift for adults and children alike! Get a pair for your best chum!

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