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In this, the Classic Edition of Mindtrap from Outset Media, teams take turns answering a variety of brain teasers. The questions are written in humorous prose with a delightful twist that will make you laugh at the surprisingly simple solutions. Full of quirky characters, bizarre situations and convoluted logic, MindTrap is a party in a box!
Sample MindTrap quirky question: Picture a bridge four kilometers long and strong enough to hold ten thousand kilograms, but no more. A loaded transport truck weighing exactly ten thousand kilograms drives onto the bridge. At the halfway point, a sparrow weighing 30 grams lands on the truck, yet the bridge doesn’t collapse. How could this be? Answer: The truck would have burned off more than 30 grams of fuel in the first two kilometers of crossing the bridge. Therefore the sparrow’s weight would have had no effect.
2 or more players or teams
Playing Time: 60 minutes
AGES 12+

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