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Make bath time ridiculously fun and make your own slimy bath bombs with the Ooozi Slimy Bath Burst Kit from Fashion Angels! This set includes all the ingredients, molds, and instructions to create 6 Ooozi Slimy bath bursts to make your bath time into the ultimate slimy fun time. The instruction booklet will walk you through the steps to mix the ingredients, add color and scent to your slimy bombs. This is perfect for those that love to make home made slime! Kit includes: 1 bag of Sodium Bicarbonate, 1 bag of Citric Acid, 2 colors of colorant, Citrus fragrance oil, glitter, 1 bag slime powder, 1 bath burst molds, 1 pair of non-latex gloves, spray bottle, 6 cellophane bags, cording, 3 pipettes, and instructions. Note for Parents: Don't worry - The Ooozi Slimy water will easily wash down your drain with a little extra water.

Ages 8+

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