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Hand-hold Roller 9 Rolling Ball Joint Massage Glove Massager Features: - 9 Steel ball rolling massager glove easy to use and convenient, comfortable feeling - Lovely blue hand pad model give you sunshine and good mood - Used for massaging the right points of the body, promote the blood circulation Refresh and improve the eyesight, prevent the neck diseases and dizziness - Helps to remove the fatigue, reduce the weight, slim the body, activate and beautify the skin - 360-degree rotating position, massage any point of your body, protect them from damaging - Rollback and forth at any time, when watching TV or taking a bath and so on - Great to promote the blood circulation of head, face, neck, back, chest, belly, leg, foot, etc - Made from anticorrosive material, environment-friendly and healthy - Very easy to use, great effect if combining with the essential oil - Necessary gadget lady woman must have to built their beauty - Size: about 170 x 150mm

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