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Flip, place, and maneuver your way toward a win! Each player gets 8 game pieces – One player gets the blue and red pieces, the other gets the yellow and white.To start the game, the first player places a game piece – either color facing up – anywhere on the board. Instantly, the intense, brain-busting excitement is set in motion. On your turn, you first have to flip any of your opponent's already-placed game pieces into an adjacent, open space, simultaneously switching it to its alternate color. Then and only then do you get to place one of your own game pieces. The goal is simple: get three in a row of one of your two colors either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. However – Here's the catch: All of the pieces in your "winning" row have to be securely locked into place – Meaning, there are no empty adjacent spaces your opponent can flip them into on his or her next turn. Think hard, plan ahead, and figure out a clever way to trick your opponent into letting you win. Only the smartest will have what it takes to win Rubik's Flip!


For 2 players

Ages 7+

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