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Wow what a jolly good games chaps, Sack of Moustaches is a frantic follicle free-for-all! In a match of dashing dexterity, do you have what it takes to win all of the whiskers and take home the tache trophy? To play, simply empty out your Sack of Moustaches into a hairy heap, then either play solo or race against friends to see who has what it takes to fashion together the longest chain of facial fur. However it isn't as easy as it sounds! Only one hand must be used to pick up your coiffured caterpillars, so in order to create a chain your must carefully hook each black moustache to the next. Just like any gent's grooming regime a steady hand is essential, one slip, one jolt and it could be game over for you and your friendly fluff! The current world record stands at 30 moustaches, do you have what it takes to steal the Master Moustache Medal? Full instructions and carry case are included in the fun game gift pack. Sack of Moustaches is a hilarious present for any facial hair fiend or whisker-less winner! Includes 25 moustaches & rules for 2 games. For 1 to 6 players. Ages 8+

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